Progressive Bengali Network

Bangladesh Special Registration

The INS/BCIS registered thousands of male Bangladeshi nationals in the US between February 24, 2002 and April 25, 2003. Between January and April, the Progressive Bengali Network teamed up with partners inside and outside the community, and:

Still have questions about the INS special registration program, your legal options, and the risks of registering or not registering with the INS? Call one of the free legal hotlines to talk to an immigration lawyer for free. No immigrations officials or government employees are involved, and any information you share will be kept private and confidential.

510-251-2846x31 OR 415-567-6255x31
advice from Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach

212-966-5932 (extensions 203 or 213)
advice from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York (long distance charges will apply, and Bengali interpretation may be available

Old materials

Legal information for Bangladeshi men in English (HTML, or printable PDF) or Bengali (PDF).

Posters to publicize hotlines, specifically for Bangladeshis, or for everyone.

Please contact us if you're also working on the issue, and want to coordinate.

Materials developed in conjunction with the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, SF Bay Chapter (ADC-SF), Digital Bangla Project, INS Watch, and the National Lawyers Guild, SF Bay Area Chapter.